Approved Formula By The Psoriasis Foundation

Approved Formula By The Psoriasis Foundation Is The new hope that has already helped thousands

About 125 million people worldwide suffer from psoriasis. Of these, about 8 million live in the USA. All those millions experience a challenging reality. Psoriasis plaques severely affect the quality of life and self-image of those who suffer from them. Many of them struggle in finding a relationship, and activities others take for granted, like taking off a shirt at the beach, become difficult. This is in addition to the physical pain caused by these plaques.

Luckily, a revolutionary, natural and FDA-registered ointment has already helped thousands of psoriasis patients around the world. The ointment is DermaER. This is how it can improve your life as well. 

“I developed DermaER to relieve my psoriasis. The results I got exceeded my expectations…”

Meet Emil Ghatan, born in 1971, a businessman and inventor, who has been suffering from psoriasis since he was 8 years old. “I grew up in a complicated family. From a young age I suffered from enormous stress”, says Emil, “I think psoriasis was my body’s response to the events I experienced. Throughout the years I tried many solutions offered by modern medicine. Most of them did not ease the wounds and pain… some made it worse”.

The breakthrough that led to the development of DermaER occurred when Emil was twenty years old. “Scratching the plaques is a major factor in making the psoriasis worse”, says Emil. “It makes the plaques deeper, and bigger. After realizing the consequences of scratching, I decided to find a way to relieve the urge to scratch”.

“First, I applied coconut oil to the plaques, and it helped. I then experimented with other natural oils and preparations. Over the years, I developed a formula of natural ingredients that relieves itching phenomenally and therefore the need to scratch. I realized that sharing the solution I developed with other psoriasis patients is my new mission. This is how I can help them with the psoriasis, allow them to love who they see in the mirror, receive compliments, and feel good about themselves”.

Emil started the process of turning DermaER into a product which any psoriasis patient can enjoy. The product is FDA registered, with its own NDC number. It also received the seal of the American Psoriasis Association, after passing its allergy tests, which included tens of thousands of  psoriasis patients.

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Relieving psoriasis with DermaER: “No need for a prescription, delivered to your home within one week”

DermaER is sold exclusively through the company’s website. Emil explains: “It is important to us that as many psoriasis patients as possible will enjoy the product and improve their quality of life. Communicating directly with our clients, without retailers, allows us to offer DermaER at an accessible price. One tube is enough for 3-4 weeks of use, and continuous relief for plaques”.

“My dream is that as many psoriasis patients as possible will get back their hope for a better life. I have accomplished many goals in my lifetime. Helping psoriasis patients with DermaER is without a doubt the most important goal of all”.